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If you think buying a home is simply a matter of finding the perfect property at the right price be sure to add to that process great patient, because most likely, your dream home may not even be built yet.

Much like the first principle of economics of supply and demand, with many parts of California ravaged by fires the supply couldn’t be lower while the demand couldn’t be higher and the biggest contributing factor to creating (price reducing) inventory – is labor. However therein lies the challenge.  There are too few people with building skills leaving construction companies across California faced with the reality that finding and hiring the right talent is the difference between being able to bid and win a job or passing.

Construction companies across the Central Valley and state have serious and growing concern since they can’t find enough carpenters, concrete workers, roofers and drywall installers while the demand for new housing is higher than ever. The current labor shortage is slowing housing production in California and driving up the prices of new home sales. Yet the only answer is to build more homes to make housing costs more affordable to Californians.

This challenge isn’t just present in the residential construction but across all the trades and construction projects.  If you’re a Construction Manager, Contractor or construction company Owner looking for skilled people, let us help you.  ConstructionHappens.com connects construction companies with a skilled labor force looking for local construction, local jobs.


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Serving Sacramento, Central Valley, North Bay, East Bay, South Bay and the Peninsula. Our Mission at https://constructionhappens.com/ is to connect Employers with Qualified candidates within your specified field and local region.

For more on this topic be sure to read the Septemeber 16th, 2018 Sac Bee article:

“Even if you can afford a new home, here’s why you can’t find one in the Central Valley”

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