February 1, 2019

CONSTRUCTIONHAPPENS.COM is proud to announce its partnership with Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA); the only California state-wide nonprofit organization serving merit shop electrical and low voltage contractors, their employees, and the industry suppliers that support them.

WECA offers federal and state approved commercial, residential, and low voltage (voice-data-video and fire-life-safety) apprenticeship programs, as well as continuing education courses for certified journeymen and low voltage technicians, and exam prep classes for those pursuing state certification in California. We also offer a state-approved Electrician Trainee Program.

In addition to world-class apprenticeship and training programs, WECA also provides the business services that help our member contractors succeed and grow. WECA undertakes strong advocacy efforts in state and local government on behalf of independent electrical and low voltage contractors.

We are excited to partner with them and organizations like WECA who are helping train talent that is well prepared to work, grown and thrive in the construction industry. 

Stay tuned to our upcoming partnership and co-sponsored events.

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