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Are you a contractor looking to hire the best talent in the construction biz?

In the past, you likely hired workers on a word-of-mouth basis. To a large extent, contractors still refer workers to one another. But nowadays, most construction workers are looking for work online with job boards.

To keep up with the changing times, not only do you need to know how to write a job posting. You need to be able to attract the hardest working and the most talented with the ads you post.

Here’s how to do exactly that!

Hook Candidates with a Crisp Title

The first thing people see on an employment ad is the title. If the title doesn’t pique their interest, candidates will skim right by it.

What is the available position and what kind of experience are you looking for? Being clear and concise is the way to go when writing a job posting.

You should also include something in the title that will attract candidates. You may feel tempted to include something like “high pay” or “good money.” But try to think of something more outside the box.

Keywords like “hard-working” or “diligent” can appeal to construction workers. You want to speak to your ideal candidate. But you don’t want to go overboard with this, either.

People steer clear of job titles that contain spelling and grammatical errors. If you don’t proofread your title, you’ll appear unprofessional from the get-go.

Diligence to small details is among many habits that exhibit professionalism.

Provide a Strong Description

Your job description will make or break a candidate’s decision to contact you. The description should be a paragraph in length – no more than 5 sentences. If you can’t summarize the job in that amount of space, you need to figure out how to be more concise.

Here are some points you should answer in your job description:

  • Who you are & what your company story is
  • The role and the work it entails
  • Where is the job
  • When is the position available
  • How much the job pays, benefits, and whether it’s part-time/full-time

If you’re looking to consider candidates for future work, mention it. Some candidates may be looking for long-term work. However, in the construction industry, it’s not uncommon for workers to come and go.

Be sure to include necessary details potential employees would want to know. For example, if you’ll be traveling a lot, make sure to mention this. Some workers may not want to commute more than 20 miles outside their location.

You should also include all the requirements for the application process. This will save time and help you sift distinguish the qualified candidates.

Go Above & Beyond

Have others proofread your ad and take their feedback into consideration. When candidates submit their resumes, reply to them as soon as possible. This will leave a good, lasting impression.

A strong job listing will have interested candidates coming back for more. Again, you should sell the position in a paragraph or less.

Even if candidates ask questions without applying, answer them. They may be looking to see if you can sell the position home to them. In a lot of ways, you can sell yourself to employees the same way interviewees will.

Understanding How to Write a Job Posting in the Construction Sector

If you’re struggling to find the right talent, you may need to rethink your job ad strategy. By following these simple tips, writing a job posting will be something you nail every time.

Once you understand how to write a job posting, where should you advertise online? Post a job as an employer or contractor and find the workers your company needs today!

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