5 Tips For Writing A Cover Letter For A Construction Management Job


If you want to land construction management jobs, you’ll need to have a killer cover letter. Here are 5 tips to help you achieve this.

If you’re looking for construction management jobs, we’ve got something for you to read.

For those in the project management sector, you know how hard it can be to find employment. The construction business puts a value on experience above all else. Big construction projects require a manager that has been there before and can get it done.

People that have a lot of construction management experience can show their accomplishments in their resume, but how do you communicate your experience in a cover letter?

In this post, we’ll be talking about the 5 tips that’ll help you land construction management jobs. You’ll be back on the workforce in no time if you follow this guide. Let’s get started.

1. Make a Good Entrance

When you’re applying for construction management jobs, you know going in that they’re going to put a lot of stock in your resume. That’s okay, but it’s important to make an impression with your cover letter as well.

Your cover letter should be immediately eye-catching. You’re dealing with construction professionals and you’ll be expected to be a professional, so use a professional header with your name, number, email, and the date.

Most importantly, you need to address the hiring manager and the name of the company. It might seem inconsequential, but it’s crucial to show that you’ve done some research into the company and that you know who you’re sending this cover letter to.

2. Write Well

Cover letter writing is an art form unto itself. The opening paragraph is hugely important. This is the part that is either going to convince them to keep reading or not.

Many construction professionals fall into the trap of blandness when it comes to the opening paragraph. Talking about why you’re responding and stating that you’ve got experience and would do a good job doesn’t provide any value to the hiring manager.

Instead, give a brief description of what you’re about to talk about in the meat of the cover letter. Use descriptive language that makes it seem like you’re genuinely eager to discuss the job. You want to make the hiring manager excited to speak with you and the first paragraph of your cover letter is where to do that.

3. Explain Your Experience with Construction Management Jobs

There’s only so much your resume can tell the hiring manager. Yes, it tells them what you’ve done in the past, but will it tell them why you were successful? Will it tell them how you can succeed in their company? You can elaborate and do a little bit of bragging in your cover letter.

In the meat of your cover letter, you’ll be providing information about how you succeeded in previous jobs and how you’ll take those qualities and apply them to succeed at this job.

4. Show Your Eagerness

In the last paragraph of your cover letter, you have to make them feel wanted. You’ve spent the first part explaining why they should want to hire you. Now, it’s time to tell them that the feeling is mutual. This is where the research that you’ve done comes in.

Explain why you’re eager to take part in the positive work that the company is doing and why you’re excited to help take the company to the next level.

5. Call to Action

The last thing you should include in the cover letter is a call to action. This is where you’ll tell them that you look forward to hearing from them soon and meeting in person to discuss your qualifications in person.

It’s important to stay away from cliche phrases like “Thank you for your consideration” or “I hope to hear from you soon”. You don’t want to come off needy or bland.

Instead, just reiterate and amplify the general sentiment of the rest of the cover letter. After that, write a formal closing with a professional salutation and your name.

Start Applying Today

Now you’re ready to apply for construction management jobs. Use what you’ve learned here to write the perfect cover letter. Always remember to tailor each cover letter to the specific job and do some research into each company. That will show that you are dedicated and will be a thoughtful employee worth hiring.

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