3 Construction Industry Trends Worth Paying Attention To

Are you involved in the construction industry? Like everything else, times are a’changing. Here are 3 construction industry trends to know about this year.


Did you know the global construction market could reach $24334.9 billion by 2021?

Are you in the construction business and curious about upcoming construction industry trends? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over construction market trends.

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Construction Industry Trends: A Guide

The construction industry is in a remarkable transition. Contractors are changing their operations around the world.

They’re trying to integrate ideas, opportunities, and technologies. Keep reading to stay up to date with these trends for this year.

1. Drone Technology

The construction industry’s taking advantage of technology. Drone usage has become more popular because drones aren’t as expensive. Aerial and drone photography helps get video footage of the landscape.

You can send a drone to check out a job site. This saves time and keeps a technician from having to climb scaffolds.

Some drones can generate three-dimensional models of a worksite. This allows for an automatic calculation of area and the volume of earth that needs moving.

Automated rovers track sites and provide job site status information. Other automated equipment includes driverless earth-movers and dump-trucks.

2. Green Technology

More and more buildings incorporate green technology into the construction process. Green construction is an innovative way of building projects in a resource-efficient manner.

This type of construction starts at planning and design. It moves all the way to construction and maintenance. With green construction, the emphasis is on constructing buildings that last longer.

There’s an increased interest in research on green construction projects. You can even buy bricks made of recycled cigarette butts.

3. Prefabricated Construction Projects

Modular and prefabricated construction projects will trend this year. Modular construction is a prefabricated approach to building similar structures.

For example, apartments, hotels, and office buildings are perfect for prefabricated buildings.

These projects will grow in popularity this year because of the flexible nature. Modular construction can save companies a lot of money and time.

Companies don’t have to worry about the weather because units get built inside a factory. The units recycle material they don’t use. This cuts back on waste. These companies can build units that meet customers specific needs fast.

3. Safety Equipment

Better safety equipment products are on the rise for this year. With the new equipment, standards will also change. Due to the number of accidents, the push for better equipment will increase.

Some boots can connect to Wi-Fi. They can send GPS coordinates and reveal if a worker’s tired. Smart boots are difficult to get now, but they will become a standard item in the future. 

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