The construction industry is experiencing a surge in demand driven by strong economic conditions and the commitment of the government to invest in the sector. The rise of more affordable housing options has made more American families and business owners desire more buildings and facilities. Because of this, the construction industry is in constant need of skilled workers. 

Unfortunately, construction has not had the best reputation when it comes to attracting talent. Construction jobs have long been stereotyped by the public as stressful, dirty, and downright dangerous. But that’s what it is, a stereotype. Jobs in the construction industry have far better working conditions than usually thought. And plenty of jobs extend beyond physical labor.

Working in the construction industry is a solid career choice for fresh graduates and young members of the workforce. If you are still on the fence, here are some of the reasons why you should choose a career in construction. 

1. Better financial security

Construction salaries are rising across the board. The latest Construction Craft Salary Survey showed that average annual salaries for 32 construction jobs ranged from $47,700 to $92,500, not including incentives, bonuses, and overtime pay. Professionals such as combo welders, mobile crane operators, boilermakers and industrial electricians actually earned more than $65,000. Many construction businesses are willing to provide competitive salaries to maintain employee loyalty. 

2. Plenty of job opportunities

While the demand for more construction projects is high, many construction businesses are finding it a challenge to fill the jobs. Boomers are aging out of the construction workforce and business owners want to attract new talent to fill the jobs they are leaving behind. This means the demand for construction employees will continue to rise over the next decade. If you choose a career in construction, there will be no shortage of job opportunities. 

3. High employee satisfaction

Burnout and job stagnation are very real problems for many employees in almost all industries. Doing the same thing in the same schedule and in the same location will undoubtedly lead to burnout. In construction, however, not all projects are the same. Commercial, residential, and even government works have all different tasks and needs. You will have a different set of coworkers and duties in different locations, leading to less burnout and higher work satisfaction.

4. New construction technology

Construction also does not have the best reputation when it comes to new technology, but this is changing. Quite rapidly in fact. Many construction business owners are embracing emerging construction technologies, from inspection drones to dedicated legal notice management software. Younger members of the workforce who have a great affinity with technology can be pioneers in transforming the industry. 

5. Sense of achievement

Not every industry can boast building something from the ground up quite literally. With construction, employees can have a unique sense of achievement from being part of building not just structures, but communities and even countries. 

There’s more to the construction industry than meets the eye. If you are exploring career opportunities, hopefully, the reasons we outlined above can lead you to choose a career path in the construction industry. 

About the Author: 

Patrick Hogan is the CEO of, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with late payments. also provides funding for construction businesses in the form of invoice factoring, material supply trade credit, and mechanics lien purchasing.