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Advertising with

With every dollar that you spend, 35% is transferred back into advertising in order to increase your amount of exposure to the targeted demographics. The following is included but not limited to, when signing with

Radio: Besides using social media, radio plays an enormous roll in reaching mass frequency to targeted demographics. Starting May 1st, we will be on-air with 105.1 KNCI. You can listen to our commercial by pressing on the link below and check out our radio schedule to see what stations we will be using next.

Online: We hold aggressive social media campaigns. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Every time one of our clients posts with us, we make a point to announce it while syncing it with all of our social media accounts. This means, for every job you post, it is then reposted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus as well. Therefore, your posting can also be viewed on multiple accounts, as well as shared and liked.

Vocational schools and affiliations: Employers are always looking for fresh talent. We are affiliated with multiple vocational schools as well as programs at California Universities. Students that are looking for internships or that have recently graduated post their resume’s on our website.

Log on to to see what our user-friendly website has to offer your organization. If you have any further questions regarding website features, pricing information or user functions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Educational Institutions